25 Feb 2012

To be good boy to be good guy

Let's be a good boy. I need to discipline myself especially my
Drinking behavior, taking next step I'm understanding myself, whether I'm an alcoholic? Let's not drink for a month.

Another thing is my spending attitude, albeit I strongly disagree the philosophy of the money you save is the money you earn but I do sometimes spending too much on unnecessarities. I have to be careful.

'The more you spent the more you realize you have not enough, the more you will desire to earn.' is my life style quote.

How to earn more? Good boy needs Lotsa money to be attractive.

How to be handsome? Good boy needs handsome face to be popular

How to be famous? You have to talk to everyone n very friendly n random. it doesn't fit my style

How to be pro? Need to speak better English n Spanish.

How to be smart?  Drink whiskey

5 Feb 2012

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31 Jan 2012


I want to be very slim, strong with lotsa muscle, handsome with blonde hair, chill and cool with big tattoo, rich with Lotsa cash, very very smart and fast

I want to travel to New York at end of the year. don't feel like to go home at all.

28 Jan 2012

Life suck

I'm the king of whiskey who hardly able to get drunk, thus, I hardly enjoy partying unless I can met someone special who can gv me a good night, nt too much mention about the dancing but the scandal afterward, when they ask to sleep over my place once the party is over.

You have to make sure she is drunk with your own money, you have to stay till d end of the party and keep her entertained and make sure no the other guy approach her.

But at the end, they won't be your gf anyway, one night stand is one night stand.

I don't like it. I dislike it.  ╮(╯_╰)╭

I needa find someone who I can fall in love with. Someone special from ordinary. If clubs are no longer a reliable place for me to explore new territory, where else should it be? Stay at home and play fb n add random friends ?

27 Jan 2012

Update 27/01/2012

Ended my first relationship after 26th day.
Maybe i'm not good enough.

With good career and rich family background,
I believe I deserve a world class gf.
Let's save some bullets for next hit.
Special feelling doesn't come that easy,
But I still believe on it.

Move on Lester